Cap City Kid's Day to support Rosie's Gear for Goals

August 14, 2023

The CCSEL is excited to host Cap City Kid's Day this upcoming Tuesday, August 15, 2023. With this week being the final week of summer break for many of the kids in Central Ohio, we want to welcome everyone to Chiller North to see their favorite local players compete one more time before heading back to school.

We will also dedicate this week to help raise money to support Rosie's Gear for Goals. Founded by Columbus native and Blue Jackets' forward Jack Roslovic, Rosie's Gear for Goals, was created to help support young hockey players in Ohio achieve their goals in the sport regardless of their financial situation. The foundation looks to instill hope that more kids who want to play hockey are able to follow their passion.

To show his appreciation for your support, Jack will be hosting a Meet and Greet following the first game. In the spirit of Cap City, both games will be open to the public and free admission, however fans are encouraged to make a donation to support Rosie's and help make an impact on the growth of the game in Central Ohio.

The Meet & Greet will start at 2:45pm and be staged in front of the skating treadmill on Rink 1. In order to manage the size of the line, we will hand out numbers at the table. We will call 10 numbers at at time to the line to meet Jack. Other players are expected to be present as well throughout the Meet & Greet.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to make a contribution to support Rosie's Gear for Goals, CLICK HERE

The puck drops at 1:10pm this week as BladeTech faces off against 614 Hockey. High Bank will take on Battery at 2:40pm. Both games will be played on Rink 1 of Chiller North.

The CCSEL presented by High Bank Distillery Co. is a professional summer hockey league in Columbus, OH for pro, college and junior hockey players. Our league provides local elite level players with competitive off-season hockey and gives our local hockey community an unmatched fan experience.