League Rules


CCSEL Hockey is committed to creating a safe and fair environment for all participants. Respect for the game, the opponents, staff and officials are a critical part of the environment that is created. All players, staff, officials and parents/spectators are required to maintain a sportsmanlike and educational atmosphere before, during and after all CCSEL games and/or any skate that you may be participating in.


Our format will be fluid as the summer goes on. Week 1 will begin with 3v3 as many players are just getting back on the ice for the summer. As the season progresses, we will move into 4v4 and 5v5 play.

All games will have:

  • 5 minute warmup
  • Two 25-minute run time halves with intermission ice cut. The final 2 minutes of each half will be stop time.
  • 3v3 sudden death for any game tied at the end of regulation


  • Regulation win = 3 points
  • Overtime win = 2 points
  • Overtime loss = 1 point
  • Regulation loss = 0 points


The league will be played by 2022-23 NHL rules.

All games will be officiated by high level professional/college referees.

The 2023 CCSEL is a non-contact, non-body check league.

  • For the purpose of this rule, an illegal body check is defined as when a player makes intentional physical contact with the opponent using overt hip, shoulder, forearm or torso action. This includes physically forcing the opponent off the puck and with no effort to legally play the puck.
  • CCSEL holds a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to enforcing this rule.

If a puck goes into the protective netting above the glass, play will continue.


All Penalties will be a jail break style penalty shot.

  • All players will line up on the opposing team blue line except the player taking the penalty shot. After the player touches the puck, it is live. In the event the penalty shot is unsuccessful the puck is live and rebound goals are allowed.
  • Penalty shots should be awarded to the player that the foul occurred on.
  • If a shot is taken on the empty net while the goalie is pulled and misses, it will result in a penalty against the team that missed.


One time per game, each team will have the option to turn on a red light that will be on the players bench for two consecutive minutes of game play. 

  • While this light is on, the puck will be considered a “money puck” and if scored will count as two (2) goals.
  • While a light is on both teams have the option to earn 2 goals by scoring. 
  • Scoring a goal does not negate the light. The light will remain on and the money puck will remain activated for the full two minutes.


By participating in the CCSEL, you officially acknowledge and give consent for photographs to be taken, consent for video to be recorded of all activities related to the CCSEL.

CCSEL has the right to use all media assets collected for publicity purposes: the CCSEL website, flyers, news releases, and social media posts and presentations to future prospective program participants.

By signing the CCSEL consent form at registration, you shall understand that you will receive no compensation for such uses. CCSEL will retain the right to have any photographs discontinued from use in any or all CCSEL venues upon request, and if, at any time, you wish photograph(s) to be discontinued from any of the above, it is your programs responsibility to contact CCSEL to make this request.


  •  CCSEL will not be responsible for any injury to teams and/or team members and/or supporters. We understand hockey is a game at injury can occur, but by participating you are doing so at your own risk with no coverage or insurance provided by CCSEL.
  •  CCSEL will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items from the locker room or bench areas.
  • Locker rooms and all areas of the arena and property are to be left in perfect condition. Failure to abide by this can result in dismissal of the CCSEL. If an individual sees an area in poor condition, please bring it to the attention of CCSEL or the rink immediately.
  • CCSEL players, and staff ONLY are allowed on the bench and in locker room areas. Parents are not permitted in the locker room area or on the team bench at any time. All Media must request access to these areas before entering by contacting league officials.
  • A refund for the CCSEL for any reason, is solely at the sole discretion of CCSEL There is no refund guarantee for any circumstances.
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